Consideration – Steve Grover

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  1. Empathy (8:40)
  2. Don Won (9:53)
  3. Row (6:35)
  4. Three Street (6:31)
  5. Consideration (9:10)
  6. Singular (5:17)
  7. Loss (4:02)
  8. Say It Again (6:46)
  9. Step On It (9:04)
  10. The Shortest Day of the Year (6:41)


  • Tim Sessions trombone
  • George Garzone saxophones
  • Frank Carlberg piano
  • John Lockwood bass
  • Steve Grover drums

All Compositions by Steve Grover
Copyright 1999 Young Grover Music

Consideration is a collection of compositions by Steve Grover, 1994 winner of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz/BMI Jazz Composers Competition. Melodic, harmonically rich, and forward thinking, Grover’s music embodies many of the different currents that make up the modern jazz language.

Excerpts from the Liner Notes

Excerpts from the Liner Notes

The Creation of music (or any art) involves the interaction of opposites – sometimes seeming contradictions, such as (in Herman Melville’s words)

Humility – Scorn
Instinct – Study
Love – Hate
Audacity – Reverence

These, Melville continues, must mate and fuse with Jacob’s mystic heart, to wrestle with the angel-Art. In this collection, Steve Grover presents us with compositions that grow out of a tradition, yet avoid codified harmonies and contrived structures. He lets the familiar mingle with the unexpected; effortlessly – deliberately; naturally – surprisingly.

In his understated way, Steve Grover invites us to join in, and witness him wrestle successfully with the angel-Art.

Frank Carlberg