Breath – Steve Grover

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  1. Underdog (6:07)
  2. The Apprentice (7:57)
  3. Breath (6:39)
  4. Balance (7:31)
  5. Metaphor (5:50)
  6. Holiday (5:38)
  7. Intrinsic (6:28)
  8. Spherical (5:44)
  9. Portrait (6:27)

All compositions copyright 2003

Young Grover Music All Rights Reserved

“In the context of this exquisite trio, there is a breadth of intuitive communication that flowsseamlessly, from composerdrummer Steve Grover’s pen and h(ear)t, at the ineffable juncture of miracle and art. The commerce between them is easy/intense;
swinging, probing and joyous.”

-Paul Lichter Producer, Dimensions In Jazz concert series

“As good as any of the current crop of younger jazz drummers, and better than most, Grover understands the role of his instrument in a small group setting. His discriminating and tasteful playing always enhances and never overwhelms.”

-AMG Guide

“Grover’s pieces do not adhere to conventional forms or harmonies. They disclose a writer with a distinctive style and a personal voice.”

– Doug Ramsey (free-lance jazz critic)