Iridescence – Charlie Jennison

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  1. Tuning In
  2. One For Hope
  3. To you, From Me
  4. Georgie
  5. Watch Your Step
  6. Amanda’s Blues
  7. My Anne
  8. Rain In My Coffee
  9. Stone House Bossa
  10. Mezomorphous


  • Charlie Jennison, saxophones
  • Jim Butka, piano
  • John Hunter, bass
  • Ken Clark, drums

In this abundant package of originals, Charlie Jennison traverses the territory of the saxophone family with exuberance, invention, virtuosity, and versatility. The tunes are varied in mood and full of welcome surprises, the harmonic motion is refreshing, and the rhythm section clearly tuned in. A seasoned but still youthful talent makes an authorative statement, with joyfulness of the art persisting throughout.

-Paul Verrette