Doberman Attack – Scott Oakley

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  1. Jaki’s Walk Home
  2. Baltimore
  3. Doberman Attack
  4. George’s Gorge
  5. May We Live in Peace
  6. One for Hakim, H. Ruiz
  7. Sibling’s Folly
  8. Tune for Pedro
  9. Waltz for Willy & Wing
  10. Saturday Night Sermon
  11. Taylor Made
  12. Touched by Darkness
  13. Sidran
  14. A Castine Romance


  • Scott Oakley piano
  • Jim Lyden, bass
  • Les Harris, Jr., drums

On his latest CD Doberman Attack (street date April 15), pianist and composer, Scott Oakley has recorded a collection of gems composed over the last twenty years.
Influenced by mentors Jaki Byard and George Russell, his harmonic concepts and melodic wit render memorable compositions of striking beauty. Scott’s favorite format, the trio, provides an intimate platform from which he departs on flights of fancy. Featuring: Scott Oakley, piano; Jim Lyden, bass; Les Harris, Jr., drums.