Trio 2000 with Fred Haas – Jim Howe

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  1. Everything I Love (4:13)
  2. How Deep is the Ocean (6.46)
  3. Savoy (6:58)
  4. Doxy (7:42)
  5. Nobody Else But Me (4;52)
  6. A Child is Born (5:03)
  7. The Very Thought of You (5:53)
  8. Good Bait (6:52)
  9. The Best Thing for You is Me (4:05)
  10. Cry Me A River (6:49)
  11. Dream Dancin’ (4:40)


  • Fred Haas, saxes
  • Chris Neville, piano
  • Jim Howe, bass
  • Les Harris, Jr., drums
All songs used with permission

On Saturday October 13, 2007 our friend and colleague Jim Howe passed away. We were honored to be a part of Jim’s musical life and admired his passion for jazz. Jim shared his love of music with all who came in contact with him, and he helped to create a Jazz oasis in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that fans and musicians alike will be forever grateful. Please click here to read more about Jim Howe.