Jim Howe


Jazz generally is considered to be an urban art, so doubtless it comes as a surprise to newer fans that Jim Howe is domiciled not in the Athens of America or the Big Apple but in Hanover Maine, a town in the northwestern part of the state whose population is catastrophically reduced when Jim leaves for a gig. That his Thoreau-like lifestyle is no impediment to his artistic vitality is confirmed in the lengthy roster of stellar performers for whom his nimble fingers have strolled the strings with such urgency and taste. Much of this activity took place in his rote with the late Tommy Gallant’s trio, with the traditions of which Jim continues in the committed company of Ryan Parker and Les Harris, Jr.. and a parade of distinguished guests; certainly among the most illustrious of these is Herb Pomeroy.
Herb’s musical voice is probing, authoritative, and an inspiration to all around him. His career as a performer and teacher is vast and inclusive; (as Casey Stengal would say, “You can look it up!”), and he constantly reinterprets the results of that experience with reflection and integrity commanding the highest respect.

On Saturday October 13, 2007 our friend and colleague Jim Howe passed away. We were honored to be a part of Jim’s musical life and admired his passion for jazz. Jim shared his love of music with all who came in contact with him, and he helped to create a Jazz oasis in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that fans and musicians alike will be forever grateful. Please click here to read more about Jim Howe.